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Update 24th December 2021:

Christmas Eve Service with Richmond’s Hope: Due to the current Covid situation, we have regretfully decided that to keep everyone safe, our usual service will be online this year.  Please join us! The link is here:

Sunday 26th December: Morning worship at 11.00am in church, jointly with the congregation of Bristo Memorial Church.  Everyone is welcome. 

Cafe opening times over Christmas/New Year: please see the Richmond Cafe page   

Fairshare Thursday will be OPEN (government rules permitting!) on Thursday 30th December, 10.00 – 11.30.  Nearly New is taking a break.. Entry to Fairshare is from the back (blue) door in the car park.  

 We re-opened for worship in church in March 2021 and it was so good to see everyone again.  Sunday morning services are at 11.00. At present, it’s not necessary to ‘book’ a space. 

During lockdown, we joined with Duddingston Kirk in online worship.  You can continue to join or watch their services through the Duddingston Kirk website.  Links to all the previous services are below. 

Our musician, Graeme, has made a playlist of some of our hymns and songs:

Sybdat 19th September (Pentecost 17): Online service for 19th September 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 12th September (Pentecost 16): Virtual Service for 12th September on Vimeo

Sunday 5th September (Pentecost 15): Virtual Service for 5th September 2021

Sunday 29th August (Pentecost 14)Virtual Service for 29th August on Vimeo

Sunday 22nd August (Pentecost 13): Virtual Service for 22nd August 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 15th August (Pentecost 12): VIrtual service for 15th August 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 8th August (Pentecost 11): Virtual Service for 8th August 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 1st August (Pentecost 10): Virtual Service for 1st August 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 25th July (Pentecost 9): Virtual Service for 25th July 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 18th July (Pentecost 8) Virtual Service for 18th July 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 11th July (Pentecost 7):  Virtual Service for 11th July 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 4th July (Pentecost 6): Virtual Service for 4th July 2021 on Vime

Sunday 27th June (Pentecost 5): Virtual Service for 27th June 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 20th June Pentecost 4): Virtual Service for 20th June 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 13th June (Pentecost 3): Virtual Service for 13th June 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 6th June (Pentecost 2): Virtual Service for 6th June 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 30th May (Trinity Sunday): Virtual Service for 30th November 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 23rd May (Pentecost): Virtual Service for 23rd May 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 16th May (Easter 6): : Virtual Service for 16th May 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 9th May (Easter 5): Virtual Service for 9th May 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 2nd May (Easter 4): Virtual Service for 2nd March 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 25th April (Easter 3):

Sunday 18th April (Easter 2): Virtual Service for 18th April 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 11th April (Easter 1): Virtual Service for 11th April 2021 on Vimeo

Easter Sunday (4th April): Easter Sunday Service for 5th April 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 28th March (Palm Sunday): Virtual Service for Palm Sunday, 28th March 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 21st March (Lent 5): Virtual Service for 21st March 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 14th March (Lent 4):  Virtual Service for 14th March 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 7thMarch (Lent 3): Virtual Communion Service for 7th March 2021 on Vimeo 

Sunday 28th February (Lent 2): Virtual Service for 28th February 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 21st February (Lent 1):  Virtual Service for 21st February 2021 on Vimeo 

Sunday 14th February (Transfiguration):  Virtual Service for 14th February 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 7th February (Epiphany 5): Virtual Service for 7th February 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 31st January (Candlemas): Virtual Service for 31st January 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 24th January (Epiphany 3): Virtual Service for 24th January 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 17th January (Epiphany 2): Virtual Service for 17th January 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 10th January (Epiphany): Virtual service for 10th January 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 3rd January: Virtual Service for 3rd January 2021 on Vimeo

Sunday 27 December: Virtual Service for 27th December 2020 on Vimeo

Christmas Day Service:  Christmas Day Service 2020.m4v on Vimeo

Christmas Eve Watchnight Service:  Watchnight Service – 24th December 2020 on Vimeo

Christmas Eve service with Richmond’s Hope:  Richmond’s Hope Christmas Service on Vimeo

20 December (Advent 4): Virtual Service for 20th December 2020 on Vimeo

13 December (Advent 3): Virtual Service for 13th December 2020 on Vimeo

6 December (Advent 2): Virtual Service for 6th December 2020 on Vimeo

29 November (Christ the King): Virtual Service for 29th November 2020 on Vimeo

22 November (Christ the King):

15 November (Pentecost 24):

 8 November (Remembrance):

1 November (All Saints’ Day):

25 October (Pentecost 21):

18 October (Pentecost 20):

11 October (Pentecost 19):

4 October (Pentecost 18):

27 September (Pentecost 17):

20 September (Pentecost 16):

13 September (Pentecost 15):

6 September (Pentecost 14):

30 August (Pentecost 13):

23 August (Pentecost 12):

16 August (Pentecost 11):

9 August (Pentecost 10):

2 August (Pentecost 9):

26 July (Pentecost 8): 

19 July (Pentecost 7):

12 July (Pentecost 6):

5 July (Pentecost 5):

28 June (Pentecost 4): 

21 June (Pentecost 3):

14 June (Pentecost 2):

7 June (Pentecost 1):

Pentecost Sunday (31 May):

24 May (Easter 6) :

17 May (Easter 5):

10 May (Easter 4):

3 May (Easter 3):

26 April (Easter 2):

19 April (1st Sunday after Easter):

Easter Sunday (12 April):

Palm Sunday (5 April)

29 March (Lent 5):

‘Making the church part of the community and the community part of the church.’

We are a congregation made up of people from all walks of life, who are committed to our faith, our church and our community. Why not visit us one Sunday? We would love you to come along and join us in worship.

In addition to our regular congregation, many other people help us to serve our community in other ways by offering their time and gifts. See our What’s On page.

Our Sunday service is led by our minister, Rev’d. Liz Henderson. We try to make worship as engaging as possible and use music, art and drama wherever we can. After the children’s part of the service, they gather in a room adjacent to the sanctuary for activities based on the worship theme.
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The Richmond Café aims to be a place of welcome and hospitality for everyone.  The Café is open Monday-Friday 8.30am-1.30pm.
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Richmond’s Hope is a charity set up by our church to help children who have been bereaved.  We work across Edinburgh and the Lothians, and also in Glasgow.
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0131 661 6561 (Church office and cafe)

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